Canada IM OK Work Alone App | Live Monitoring/Emergency Dispatch Service Launch

The new I.M. OK Work Alone App works by checking in on employees while they’re on the road without disrupting their driving. It has an innovative tracking feature that can pinpoint the individual’s precise location on a map, so they can receive the help they need.

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Intercon Messaging’s app works with iOS, Android, tablets, and GPS devices. Employees can request help easily by pressing the app’s SOS button or taking advantage of its other safety monitoring options. This solution is ideal for individuals in security, home care, real estate, and other industries that require lone, outside work.

According to the International Labor Organization, over 2 million lone work-related casualties occur every single year. Experts recommend that to improve the safety of these employees, it is critical to provide adequate training to help them prepare for various situations. Using mobile apps is also crucial and it can save them in emergency events.

A major benefit of the company’s app is that it works with GPS devices – meaning the worker can still use it even if they have poor smartphone service. With 24/7/365 live agent monitoring, individualized escalation procedures, and activity log, the smartphone application works as an all-in-one solution that will protect employees no matter where they are.

Business owners will have access to a full reporting suite with detailed information and reports. Those interested can contact the company to try the app at no cost for 30 days.

Intercon Messaging is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards and was awarded the NAEO Superior Agent Service Award three times in a row. The company focuses on providing budget-friendly outsourcing and dependable telephone answering services. Although based in Canada, their team also serves the United States. They offer other solutions including help desk support and emergency response and dispatch services.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “With our mobile safety app, Intercon Messaging can implement an effective working alone monitoring system that works precisely the way you want it to, striking a balance between keeping your employees safe and being cost-effective.”

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