Shocking Truths Behind $50 Billion Self Improvement Industry Revealed

The field of self improvement (also known as the personal development industry) is now estimated to be worth 50 billion USD. The shocking truth behind this industry however is that it doesn’t profit from delivering meaningful results to the consumer. Nor does it produce anything new. The entire industry is built on repurposed content from the late and great 20th Century orators. These include most famously, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and Victor Frankl. Their books are all well worth reading and by doing so, you will discover first hand that most of the subsequent books, audiotapes, compact disks and finally videos that have followed and arrived with ambitious consumers throughout history since, have been based upon them. In fact, many of those subsequent releases have simply regurgitated the exact content of the books because of the time lapse since their release, which permits them to be freely copied under ‘public domain’ copyright laws.

Becoming more efficient, effective, motivated and productive has been at the forefront of human consciousness for over a Century. With the widely accepted notion of time being money, it is not hard to sell somebody on the benefits of achieving more in less time. And many do. Ambitious consumers do not blink at purchasing 1000 dollar courses and monthly coaching programmes that cost hundreds of dollars every month. But are they getting results? How much can more knowledge really help them? All the information anyone will ever need is online and freely available. It is growing exponentially and for many, the abundance of free information on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok is overwhelming. The term used to describe the induced procrastination of learning and not implementing what is learned is termed ‘analysis paralysis’. Fortunately, there are some practical tools that counter the industry using proven resources to amalgamate all the knowledge from the personal development industry into a practical, simple systems. One such solution is the relatively new but well reviewed ‘Personal Success Journal’, which currently includes free interactive video conference training with expert business and personal development trainer, Anthony Tedd. You can find out more about achieving your personal and business goals at Anthony


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