Active Shooter Remote Survival Program – Response Training Online Course Updated

With this announcement, the training institution is providing life-saving training to help people survive a deadly situation that is becoming a common occurrence in the country.

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Also available as an online course, the program gives more people the chance to acquire practical survival skills that are easy to implement during life-threatening situations.

According to the company, most people risk their lives and the lives of others by wasting valuable time trying to figure out what to do once shooting commences. Alternatively, they might also become an easy target because of freezing in fear. Both situations are dangerous and can lead to the loss of life. It added that knowing what to do in these situations is paramount to survival.

This course will teach students about the mindset they need to have, situational awareness, and the A.L.I.V.E 5-step life-saving program. They will also learn why active shooters do what they do and the actual physical steps they need to take to survive the shooting attack.

The training program is designed to help students recognize potentially violent events before they occur, as well as what A.L.I.V.E. survival steps to take to save their lives when confronted with acts of violence.

Additional topics taught include overcoming the instinct to freeze and being confident in knowing how to respond appropriately.

The 3-hour comprehensive curriculum includes a survivor’s testimony, proper survival mindset training, statistics, and the concepts behind the “proactively reactionary” mentality.

With regard to the shooter, the course explains what the warning signs are, why they kill, what they do and do not fear.

Thereafter, the course goes into great detail with preparing students for a security and survival mindset, together with visualization exercises and case studies.

This is followed by practical exercises. Furthermore, students are also given access to additional resources, including the A.L.I.V.E. survival manual and eBook download.

A spokesperson for the company said, “The information contained in this program is essential for everyone to learn in the event they find themselves in an active shooter situation so they can see the people who love and depend on them again.”

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ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program
ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program
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