Fix My Elbow provides relief from elbow pain with proven strategies

Fix My Elbow understands the causes of elbow pain and provides practical ways to combat it.

Ponteland, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK – Elbow pain often reduces the activity of the person suffering from it. Overuse of the arm or sports injury can lead to pain on or around the elbow. To give patients freedom from elbow pain, was launched in 2021. Led by Advanced Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist James Luccock MCSP, it is a detailed resource that helps users understand and treat elbow pain effectively.

Fix My Elbow provide free information about elbow pain. Symptoms, causes and treatment options are all provided on this platform. 

The additional services that Fix My Elbow provide are on-demand content or personal coaching for elbow pain diagnosis, pain relief, mobility, and strengthening treatment for the arm, shoulder, and elbow.

In addition to tennis elbow, they have details on golfers elbow and other elbow conditions as well. 

James Luccock has years of experience working in this field. He has combined his academic and clinical experience in treating elbow pain to develop a three-step proprietary process. He has worked with athletes and the general population to successfully rehabilitate them from elbow pain. 

After the assessment of the patient is complete, the patient follows James’ three-step process. The first step in the process is Relieve, the second is Mobilize, and the third is Build. 

Fix My Elbow also has a 12-week elbow pain rehab program designed by healthcare professionals. 

They offer a free consultation call so that the patients can speak with the Fix My Elbow team and understand which program is suitable for their problem.

Fix My Elbow also has a 100% money-back guarantee so that the patients can purchase with confidence, knowing that if the program is not suitable for them, they can claim a full refund.

The platform also offers gift cards that one can buy and gift to a person to use the services of Fix My Elbow.  

About was created in 2021 to provide patients with relief from elbow pain. It is a detailed resource that helps patients understand and treat their elbow pain effectively. It is led by Advanced Musculoskeletal Physical Therapist James Luccock MCSP.

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