Supernatural Security Clearances Needed to Access the High Calling of God

Folsom, CA, USA 4-3-22 – Vince Baker of Vince Baker Ministries has just launched a long-awaited book based on the top-secret protocols for accessing the High Calling of God. To access God’s anointing, confidential mysteries, or heavenly places a Supernatural Security Clearance is needed.

According to Vince, God’s kingdom is not different from any other kingdom because it also has secrets to protect. This enthralling book is designed to be a prophetic guide for any believer seeking to gain higher access to the anointing and the kingdom of God.

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Inside the pages of this book, one will find answers to these types of questions and so much more: What is a Supernatural Security Clearance? What is the selection process? How does one get the Lord to be with a person? What is the charge of the Lord? Why did Christ have to be tempted three times? These and many other questions along with the answers are revealed in this gripping one-of-a-kind book.

For those looking to uncover the mysteries of the Kingdom of God Vince provides insight into some of the deepest mysteries surrounding God and His kingdom. Those seeking to gain access to God’s revelation’s need to read this groundbreaking and historical book.

Let Supernatural Security Clearances educate, enlighten, and guide you down this prophetic path.

A little about the author: Vince Baker was born in the Los Angeles area and raised on 17 acres just north of Sacramento. As a child, Vince was raised as a Southern Baptist. Vince was always drawn to the Lord and even said he wanted to be a preacher at a young age.

God gave Vince a vision of people carrying the Ark of the Covenant into a church. From this experience, God revealed to Vince a prophetic way to study the Bible. Vince spent years in the Word of God and with the Holy Spirit. During this time, God revealed many revelations that changed his life. Vince wrote all these teachings and revelations down. Vince also received many dreams and visitations from God during this time.

Vince has a unique calling where he can preach, teach, prophecy, move in the gifts of the Spirit, bring healing, and perform miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. Vince is called to help the body of Christ come into their destiny.

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Vince Baker Ministries
Vince Baker Ministries

1024 Iron Point Rd. Suite 100

United States

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