Craig Handley Interview | Finding Purpose With Positive Actions Podcast Released

In Barry Shore’s newly released report, readers and listeners will discover techniques to help them find themselves in order to improve their quality of life and become happier and stress-free.

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The new report is part of Barry Shore’s The Joy Of Living Podcasts series and includes both the audio version of the interview, along with a complete transcript for those wishing to find specific details.

Due to recent events, such as the pandemic and global conflicts, many individuals are struggling to find their own purpose and happiness. Furthermore, knowing the best ways to positively change their mindset can be vital for improving their overall well-being. In their latest interview, Barry Shore and Craig Handley discuss some of the best ways for listeners to make these positive changes in their lives.

As a successful entrepreneur, musician, and best-selling author, Craig Handley has a wide range of insights and experiences in personal development.

During the interview, Barry uncovers several of Craig Handley’s key life events and passions that helped him to become comfortable in himself and his purpose. This insight explains that actions such as working on passion projects can help individuals discover where they should be focusing their efforts on in order to create long-term happiness.

The interview also explains that regardless of age, there is still time for listeners can take the actions necessary to improve their life. In this respect, Craig suggests that positive actions can lead to positive results, and it was by using this outlook that helped him achieve his own personal goals.

By creating The Joy Of Living podcast, Barry Shore is helping listeners learn how to develop their lives, improve their mindsets, and their overall happiness. All of the podcast episodes are available to listen to on Barry’s website, and the interviews can also be seen on YouTube.

As mentioned during the interview, “Remember, choice not chance determines your destiny. A decision is great but if you don’t act then it’s nothing. Action is that unique, rare process that most people don’t ever get to or through.”

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