Process Parameters Discusses Wireless Environment Monitoring Systems

Process Parameters has provided further details on a new Wireless Environment Monitoring System (WEMS) in collaboration with Nokeval OVA. The OVA cloud system is an effective way to gather, monitor, store, and analyse data generated by an operation.

By relieving users of additional obligations and allowing them to concentrate on their main business, the Nokeval OVA Wireless Environmental Monitoring System may offer users with all the data they need at their fingertips to make life as simple as possible. Whether they are complying with statutory or contractual record-keeping standards or seeking efficiency, OVA may assist.

Process Parameters describes how integrating Nokeval devices with the OVA cloud platform enables users to pick the measuring devices they need from a pre-configured list and link them all to the platform. Transmitters, sensors, data transmission, and data storage are all included in the system.

Wireless Environment Monitoring Systems have several applications, including museums, stately houses, and galleries, where Kube transmitters may monitor temperature, humidity, and light all in one device. With this new ground-breaking Sky LoRa transmission protocol and a line-of-sight range of up to 10 kilometres, users can be guaranteed dependable transmission.

Another use is in distribution and warehousing industries. The Sky LoRa-based wireless environmental monitoring system has been successfully implemented in large warehouses and refrigerated distribution facilities. The ability to broadcast at distances of up to 10 kilometres enables the use of a dependable system without the need of signal repeaters.

Finally, the OVA WEMS may be advantageous in hotels, restaurants, and catering, even for the tiniest enterprises. It is cost-effective in comparison to manual methods and is ideal for usage in hotels and conference centres where air quality monitoring is critical for visitor comfort.

Process Parameters invites anybody having measurement issues to contact them to discuss what they feel would be their ideal system measure, what features it would have, and which systems it would need to interface with. They provide a free system consultation with no commitment to buy anything. To learn more, visit the following webpage:

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