Why are Young Men Wearing Toupees in 2022?

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Toupees Popular Among Young People in 2022?

Ansonia, Connecticut Mar 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Since 2006, Lordhair has designed, built, and delivered the world’s best quality stock and custom-made hair systems and human hair wigs.

You may be surprised to find out that more and more young men are turning to toupee wigs as a solution to cover precocious balding. No, it’s not only old history teachers wearing a bad toupee with a dodgy hairline! These are new-age toupees, that are undetectable and look exactly like real hair.

How does a men’s toupee work?

Essentially a toupee wig is a piece of material (such as lace of a thin plastic wrap-type PU), called a base, onto which human hair is attached. The base is then stuck on the head. This type of solution is semi-permanent as

Why are more and more turning to this method to solve hair loss issues? Even though transplants exist, they are ridiculously expensive and often don’t bring desired results, and they need to be repeated several times in a lifetime. There is also a risk of hair not even growing out to the desired thickness or length.

Semi-permanent, a men’s toupee is something young men, in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s are starting to use to cover bald spots or crown thinning. Due to much more precise knotting methods and thinner and thinner bases thanks to technological improvements, modern hair systems look more and more realistic and are ever more comfortable and long-lasting. This is in stark contrast to the bad toupees of yesteryear that have bad connotations of old-school professors.

Why are more men using a hair system these days?

Because they are:

  • Quick (in under an hour you can have a full set of hair with glue on toupee);
  • Risk-free (a toupee wig can be stuck on and removed with no damage or risk internally;
  • Realistic (a glue on toupee is undetectable)

Lordhair men’s toupees can even be worn swimming, sleeping, and showering! Since a glue on toupee is semi-permanent, this means that it can come into contact with water without coming off. A toupee wig is usually bonded with toupee glue or wig tape.

Modern hair systems look just like real hair, even from up close, and they help create the ultra-stylish hairlines that are popular today with swept-back styles, that cannot be achieved with receding hairlines or crown hair loss.

Following decreasing stigma around men taking care of their appearance, and taking charge of improving their outward appearance, the next logical step is the decrease in stigma around hair systems.

Many men these days assume their choices, and for the most part, family and friends are supportive. Strangers cannot even tell it’s a glue-on toupee. If women can wear hair extensions, add 10″+ to their length, and then take them off at the end of the day without a single hesitation, why can’t men?

If you want to try a Lordhair men’s toupee wig, visit www.lordhair.com and step your hair game to the next level!

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