Boston MA Construction Surety Bonds – Performance/Payment Bonding Service Update

Before construction companies are allowed to bid, obligees (project owners) may require them to be bonded to ensure that they comply with their contractual obligations. Surety Bond Professionals can help contractors win more jobs through its comprehensive bonding service and expansive offerings, which include all major bond types.

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The company’s latest update is timely, as the number of construction projects in the region is forecasted to increase amid the country’s ongoing recovery. Moreover, billions of dollars are expected to be made available to the construction industry courtesy of the recently enacted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, making public works contracting a lucrative venture.

Surety Bond Professionals can provide bidding firms with the most common types of surety bonds that are required for contractors. Chief among these are bid bonds and performance and payment bonds.

Bid bonds prevent winning contractors from abandoning a project. Surety Bond Professionals explains that this may occur after a contractor realizes that the job will be unprofitable. If this happens, the obligee has the right to file a claim against the bond, which will then be paid out by the surety.

Often referred to together, performance bonds and payment bonds are often required in both private and public construction settings. While payment bonds guarantee that the contractor pays their employees and suppliers, a performance bond ensures that the job is completed to the plan and specifications.

In addition to these bond products, the company also offers other types of construction bonds, such as license bonds, site improvement bonds, supply bonds, and maintenance bonds, among others. A wide array of commercial bond products is also available.

About the Company

Based in Natick, Massachusetts, Surety Bond Professionals is a bond-only agency that has access to over 25 surety markets across the country. The company is known in the region for its fast approvals and competitive terms, and it can provide expert guidance on how clients can increase aggregate bonding limits to secure larger projects.

Its president, Mark Leskanic, is a surety bond expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The proprietary approach he developed has been instrumental in maintaining his company’s position as a surety industry leader in Boston and the New England area.

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