‘Sky is Falling’ as Aemzo drops another bomb on the music industry


Another ground breaking single

London, United Kingdom Mar 21, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Written and produced By Aemzo herself, with her extraterrestrial captivating voice, raw truthful lyrics, and outlandish metaphors. Born from a once-in-a-lifetime moment in history intertwined with a tragedy in love.

Listen now HERE ‘ Sky is Falling’

This March 11th, London-based pop/hip-hop rising star Ã?mzo is releasing her 14th groundbreaking single. Once you discover her unique addictive sound you will be diving into her catalogue eager to hear what came before this. Found on all major platforms, a consistent array of music that takes you on a mystical journey through her soul.

Light years ahead of her time, believed to be the sound of the future, brought to you from the notorious Planet B Studios. Emerging from the underground UK hip-hop scene, Aemzo’s unique hybrid sound stunningly showcased yet another interstellar masterpiece.

The track tells an intimate story of a once-in-a-lifetime love connection that couldn’t withstand the space and time between them. Presenting trials and tribulations from a pure angelic perspective, intertwined with the insights of happening that humanity can’t yet even explain.

Aemzo has been intercepted by a cooperate space and unrecognised foreign entity research programme. For interviewing and to confirm the identity of an Alien being in which she and a former lover witnessed on a camping trip, landing and foraging in a suburban area of Eastern England.

Aemzo explains that due to the mind-blowing nature of the experience and the legalities of non-disclosure surrounding the incident “it has been hard to know how to articulate these moments to anyone” she is glad she shared it with that special someone. However, even such an extraordinary experience was not enough to save her love story.

“Being woken up by lights and unusual noises outside the tent was a little bit terrifying but I didn’t hesitate to open the zip and see what was out there” – Aemzo

‘Sky is falling’ has a haunting yet hypnotic truthful pain, beautifully sung with multidimensional harmonies and raw storytelling rap lyrics. An authentic artist that offer offers such diversity.

” I feel so blessed that I can have an experience, be brave enough to feel my way through it, create poetry and music to express it, and ultimately leave the pain inside the song to walk free again once more” – Aemzo

Aemzo speaks of the infinite music that still lives inside her and the many new songs that are ready and waiting to bless our ears in the coming months. The one to watch!

Aemzo  Sly is fallingAemzoAemzoAemzo

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