Genre Film Production Company Prioritizes Underrepresented Communities

Lancaster, California Mar 19, 2022 ( – Yom Hadin(R) Productions, LLC, a film, animation, and television production company, aspires to tell original, compelling stories that center the voices of black and indigenous creators. Headed by Dr. Odean P. Lawrence, Yom Hadin(R) Productions takes inspiration from much-loved fandoms like “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter,” but looks at the hero’s journey and coming-of-age epic from a fresh and diverse angle.

The company strives to expand the typical Hollywood narrative by inviting black and Native American entertainers and black and Native American filmmakers to share their artistry. Referring to “Mita Ike,” a new book of Cherokee folklore that Lawrence plans to adapt for the big screen, he comments, “We want to broaden people’s worldviews and step into the hidden history of the Native Americans. By allowing the audience to explore realms that are currently uncharted, our viewers will feel as if they are discovering something new.”

Lawrence cites the commercial and critical success of “Black Panther” as an important benchmark for black culture entertainment and a model for his company’s work. “The Zimri Family,” a major motion picture currently in development, will be Yom Hadin(R) Production’s feature film debut — an adaptation of Lawrence’s own popular novel.

“The Zimri Family” takes place in ancient Persia, where tensions escalate between two dark kingdoms. The Zimris prepare to battle marauders, assassins, an evil king, and a magic tribe known as the Tophethites. The movie is slated for worldwide release and seeks to initiate a new blockbuster film franchise centered around a strong black family. View the film teaser here.

Lawrence says, “Our objective is to create more original compelling stories in film and animation. Additionally, by selecting certain classical novels and or original manuscripts for film adaptation, we’ll take reading and viewing audiences on a lasting journey that will leave them both loving the experience and with the insatiable desire for more.”

Lawrence and the team at Yom Hadin(R) share a standout passion for the art and craft of filmmaking. “The director develops meticulous camera angles and high-quality sound logic to focus the action and draw you in.” He describes a great director’s ability to grab an audience and carry them from scene to scene while keeping them on the edge of their seat. “It’s magical at its best.”

The forthcoming page-to-screen adaptations mark the beginning of an exciting range of diverse cinematic stories. With these major projects in the works, Yom Hadin(R) Productions continues to set itself apart as a bold new player in the entertainment landscape. Prospective collaborators and investors can contact Yom Hadin(R) Productions at To learn more about “The Zimri Family,” “Mita Ike,” and any of the projects and productions currently underway, visit

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