Dr. Thomas Sharon has Published Startling Facts About Post Covid Syndrome

The Truth about Covid-19

Viruses replicate and have a DNA structure, but there is no known collective consciousness. They just exist and they attack living organisms at the cellular level. There is no intellect, emotion, or plan. They simply attach themselves to human and animal cells, penetrate the cell membrane and embed themselves within the cell structure as if they were constructed for an exact fit. Then they mix their genetic garbage with the host’s DNA causing a cascade of inflammatory responses reminiscent of an autoimmune disease.

As of this writing,

the news media have focus all their attention on the Russia-Ukraine war that started with the Russian Army invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and there has been no mention of the Covid Pandemic. People are relaxing. Most people are no longer wearing masks in public places. There is a palpable air of complacency that the pandemic is easing up because of the vaccines. But this is bizarre. Despite that 81.5% of the US population reportedly have had at least one vaccination dose, as of March 2022 there have been 79.3 million Covid positive people in the United Stated with 965,336 total deaths since January 2020.

There are about 31,000 people in intensive care units. There was a large spike in cases in January 2022 reaching 1.3 million new cases in one day. Then the numbers levelled off to about 70,000 new cases per day. But this spike pattern has happened before, which seems to correlate with the change of seasons. Therefore, one must conclude that the pandemic is far from over and there will be periodic visits from new variants.

Thus, there are about 80 million people in the US who have had Covid-positive test results. The actual number of people who have been infected with Covid virus is unknown and is likely to be staggering. But more than one third of our population has been infected since January 2020. This means that over 100 million people have the post Covid condition, i.e. Covid genetic contamination. The presence of Covid RNA/DNA in human cells triggers an autoimmune response to the viral contamination, resulting in overwhelming inflammation of the respiratory system and other areas of the body. If untreated, this post Covid condition can lead to respiratory failure and death.

Therefore, after searching the medical literature Dr. Sharon has devised an evidence-based treatment plan to counter the overwhelming inflammation and keep you in good health. If you have any symptoms, such as persistent cough (productive or dry), upper respiratory congestion, headaches, ear aches, wheezing, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell, do not delay. Book an appointment now with In Good Health PC either online or at Dr. Sharon`s North Las Vegas office. Your journey to be in good health starts here: http://ingoodhealthpc.com

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