NFT Droops – an NFT calendar tool for investors, collectors, and enthusiasts to find, track and analyze upcoming NFT drops

A team of tech enthusiasts who are passionate about blockchain technology has released NFT Droops, which is hitting the current market with its solutions.

NFT research takes a lot of time. The process of finding good projects is very long, as you need to explore each of them carefully. Besides, there is no guarantee that those wouldn’t be scam. There are a lot of tools in the market, but none of them solve the problem with scam projects.

Previous failures and unsuccessful investments in projects that turned out to be scam ones forced the founders to create a tool that would shorten the process of finding new NFTs and filter them. 

NFT Droops is a calendar tool that allows investors and collectors to discover upcoming  NFT collections in early-stage, track activities, and decide whether or not to participate in minting. All the collections are listed with their mission, goals, minting information, dates, roadmap, official links, social media activities. Information is updated regularly to allow investors to track the collection activity and progress. With this tool, people will easily find upcoming drops, choose their favorite project and track it all in one place saving a lot of time.

How it works: Every collection that is submitted will be checked and filtered to ensure that the collection has a good team and is not a scam project. Moreover, each project will have its own rating to bring more trust and decrease scam projects.

MVP Version: Our MVP is live. We’ve launched a version with minimal functionality such as upcoming, active, and ended events. Each event has its own page with event dates, items from the collection, links, etc. A list collection feature is also available, allowing projects to submit their NFT collection. 

The goal of MVP is to generate traffic and collect information from users about their problems, challenges in NFT, which will help us to better understand users, target audience and provide relevant solutions.

Currently, we are working on adding different API integrations, social media, and blockchain activity tracking AI that will calculate a rating for each collection based on the submitted information. There will also be an expert group, with five experts reviewing each project. The main criteria for rating will be team, artwork, innovation, community, roadmap, importance.

NFT Droops, on the other hand, is a platform where creators, artists, and founders can present their collections to the public. It will be a marketing tool for NFT collections, so they can reach more targeted audiences, raise brand awareness, and bring more traffic to their channels.

About the team: NFT Droops was founded by a team of UI/UX designers and tech enthusiasts who believe in blockchain, and the purpose is to create values and provide new tech solutions by serving people. “We’ve been working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2017. We tried almost everything from investment to trading, from mining to staking. This allowed us to better understand the blockchain niche, problems, challenges, and opportunities. We discovered NFT a few months ago and it quickly became our passion. We are investing in different NFT collections because we believe in the metaverse.” – says Aram and David.



Media Contact:

Siranush Hovhannisyan