Fight against Parkinson’s disease with Country singer Rob Georg’s single ‘Climb This Mountain’

Country Singer Rob Georg

Tennessee, United States Mar 3, 2022 ( – The time has arrived to rejuvenate the authentic country flavors with the upcoming track, ‘Climb This Mountain’ by none other than Rob Georg. This talented music artist has enriched the music industry with his timeless creations and now, the listeners are waiting for the forthcoming single. The track is releasing soon, this March 18TH, and the anticipation is quite high. Rob’s meandering raspy voice and the acoustic elements, the first time having the fiddle on a track, make the single another milestone on his prolific musical journey. The upcoming release of this track assures the release of four new singles that will be out soon this year.

This award-winning music artist has gone through a fair share of struggles in his life and all of his emotions are quite evident through each of his musical representations. Rob has won the New Music Award in 2020 for the category ‘Breakthrough Country Artist of the Year’ in the US and garnered a lot of attention from the global industry as well as music lovers. His creative persona and unwavering musical sense brought him two more Fair Play Country Music Red Carpet Awards. In the year 2020, Rob won in the category for ‘Amazing Male Voice Original Country Pop’ and ‘Best Song of the Year’ 2021. With his achievement, this versatile artist has kept his name out there in every corner of the world.

Rob started his musical career with the debut album ‘Radio Cowboy’, which offered him international recognition. It can be found on all major music platforms. With only 6 radio releases in the United States, the artist has reached the no. 1 spot on a total of 18 radio chart positions. It is one of the highest honors that any country artist can achieve. The German radio cowboy is bringing more clarity in the music industry with these new releases and ‘Climb This Mountain’ is the biggest example of it. The track is written on the humongous struggles that Rob and his father have faced during this chaotic phase of the global pandemic. The last two years put a halt on the artist’s musical career and Rob had nothing else to do but take care of his parents. Utilizing the nights, Rob finally came up with these new emotive country singles. Get a better idea of his craft at

Rob’s dad has been fighting against Parkinson’s disease for a long time and the new track ‘Climb This Mountain’ elaborates that struggle and his Dad’s process of learning how to live with it, with the support of his loving family. Just like the title suggests, there is a potent dose of optimism in the track. It turned out to be a Parkinson’s Awareness song that can motivate everyone. Though hailing from Germany, the artist is produced in Nashville by Kristin K. Smith and spread his musical aura over the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, and so on. Currently, this 46-year-old country singer is well revered for hosting a podcast on Spotify named, ‘Country Music Ain’t Dead’. With his love for family, the artist, who’s going to be a Grandpa for the first time in May, is planning to release more new tracks in the near future. Visit to know more about Rob Georg and his upcoming projects.

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