Entrepreneur helps others in Africa to start their own businesses

United States , 3rd Mar 2022, King News Wire, Africa Imports donates half of its profits for people in need in Africa. Over the last 20 years they have worked to improve the lives of thousands of people, by helping to provide food, healthcare and education. 

One person that they have been helping is Brian Mutarwa who has had schooling and years of experience in business. Brian now works most of the time training others to run new businesses in Zimbabwe. What Brian does is an exceptionally valuable way of increasing prosperity in Africa. It is a much more long term project than supplying food or other needs, but the ultimate  benefits can make a huge difference to these communities. Brian shared “People from China and the West see the opportunities in Africa, but our own people get left out”. By providing this business coaching, Brian is helping to create a more prosperous future for all Africans.

Wayne Kiltz, a co-owner of Africa Imports said “Brian is an incredible man, who not only works for free to help others in need but also now has other people who can make loans for people starting up. We’ve known Brian for two years and it is inspirational to see how Brian has been able to make a big difference in someone else’s life.” 

Africa Imports exists to help others in Africa. They provide free information, tools and training to entrepreneurs in the US so that they can start their own business selling African products. They have 24 employees in their New Jersey facility and send money to some of neediest people where their products are sourced from, doing extra to guarantee that this money is properly distributed to them.

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