Senior Citizen Creates Algorithm To Help People Invest in Stock Market

Los Angeles, California Feb 28, 2022 ( – Everyone dreams of making money off the stock market, but here’s someone who has found a better way. Attorney Benjamin Blakeman has been dabbling in the stock market his whole life, so he understands the ins and outs of the market. As an accomplished mathematician, he’s developed an algorithm for predicting stock rises. Through his weekly email newsletter, “Oracle on Wilshire” shares his stock wisdom.

“I started writing the newsletter on the stock market based on my analysis, which we call technical analysis, as opposed to fundamental analysis,” explains Blakeman. “We’ve had pretty good results from my picks. I’ve had some excellent results from picks that I made through my algorithm.”

Blakeman follows about 300 stocks and 100 ETFs (exchange-traded funds) each day. Based on what he sees, he reports on what is suitable for investment both in the short term and the long term. Using the algorithm, which he calls RODIN, to read signals and predict market behavior, he says he has the “next best thing to inside information.”

“We believe the RODIN strategy and indicators are the most reliable system available to forecast market short-term trends and reversals ever made available to the public,” he says. “Using a combination of indicators and an algorithm painstakingly put together over more than five years, along with the methodology of analysis that can only be developed from the experience of hundreds of thousands of trades, the Oracle calls out the trades before the news breaks, and before the stocks explode.

“Blakeman quickly points out his system is 100 percent legal because it’s based on public trade data. It’s that data that he used to develop the algorithm.

He has some satisfied customers:

“Benjamin Blakeman’s newsletter is one of the finest stock analyses I read each week,” reported subscriber Cary Lerman. “It offers a clear, cogent assessment of where the market is at the present and where, based on his proprietary formulae, it will likely go in the short term. His newsletter offers insights missing from well-established newsletters.” Blakeman is not an investment broker. He won’t invest money for you. But he does share what he sees as good bets and things likely to increase.”I can advise you how I would trade it based on the size of your account and how much risk you are willing to take,” he explains, “But ultimately, you are the one who makes the investment.”

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Media Contact

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