Re-imagine your business process with ProHance

ProHance can reimagine your business process in an agile manner

Bengaluru, Karnataka Feb 28, 2022 ( – Prohance Workflow is a Wizard-based No-Code product, which allows businesses to orchestrate their process. It allows the building of Processes up to 3X faster with robust real-time monitoring capabilities. It has been proven to increase productivity by 12% and offers industry-grade security.

  • ProHance can Transform your business by digitizing your manual business processes as it is: Highly secured – with custom roles; Split Tasks between different teams; Create recurring tasks – Daily/Weekly/Monthly; Inbuilt Quality Engine – Stratification Engine; Prioritization Engine -Prioritize your tasks as per needed; Full Orchestration – Build complex processes and has a Simplified UI for Agents.

The flow of the ProHance helps Identify True Activity Time (Instead of manual Average Handle Time); Custom Allocation and Prioritization; Wizard Based Process Design. The Design process takes only a few weeks; it Connects using an API, Web Forms, Excel, and Emails; it has an Inbuilt Quality Engine: there is a stratification of sampling; it requires “No Coding”; one can Build/Maintain your processes and Full Orchestration – Build complex processes.

ProHance is 3X faster than other BPM products:

  • Need Level 2 process maps – or build live on the tool
  • No Specialized Team required
  • 7 Day Online Training and business analysts can use configuration
  • No Code – Build your process without learning BPMN modeling
  • The pre-installed templates – speeds up your enterprise processes in regards to Employee Reimbursement, Procurement Management, Project Management Portal, Case Management Portal, Back Office – Multiple – Healthcare/Banking and Financial Advisory/Auditory Processes.

ProHance offers several other advantages: Conventional products provide AHT manually by capturing time between Start/Stop of a Task, this time may not be accurate due to manual steps. ProHance has the digital capability to classify application usage per task. This is defined as activity time

  • ProHance has the ability to identify when work comes, differentiate between Standard Tasks vs. Complex Tasks, and detect out of work scenarios automatically. It can Identify Variation which means it identifies top screens where users pause, Identifies agent assist apps like Excel, etc, and time spent on internal calls and chats. It identifies top searched words on why agents pause and search for specific words making it an extremely intelligent and mature product for the new-age workforce.

About ProHance:

ProHance, a leading desktop SaaS platform provides future-ready unified workforce-related analytics and data capturing to enable informed decision making on a real-time basis. ProHance enables enterprises to allocate resources effectively, load balance across teams; that results in operations becoming agile, customer-centric, efficient, and lean.

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