World Famous Art Pottery Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Founding Father, William Moorcroft

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Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire Feb 25, 2022 ( – WILLIAM 150

The Potter who opened the door to Moorcroft design, technique & artistry

One hundred and fifty years ago, one of the most gifted potters of his generation, William Moorcroft, was born. Quickly, the art potter gleamed that the consummate skills of botanical design and a passion for the natural world were not enough for his ambitions. In truth, to become an icon for the Applied Arts, success lies not simply in surface decoration and shape design, as these change with what is in vogue during each generation. Something more is always needed. A door had to be opened for generations of potters to perfect.

Whilst the emerging Art Nouveau designs of the continent inspired the young Moorcroft in terms of shape and design, it was to be in his home in the Potteries where he would perfect his ceramic alchemy, during his first job in 1897, as a designer for James Macintyre & Co. There followed the arrival of gold medals from across the Atlantic in St Louis in 1908 to Europe, including a gold medal at the Paris Exhibition in1925. In 1913 William launched a company under his own name, Moorcroft, and the company we know and love today was firmly established.

With each piece echoing the hallmarks of William’s most renowned work, the Moorcroft Design Studio step forward to honour the founder, of what is said to be one of the greatest arts and Crafts pottery companies today, with the WILLIAM 150 collection.


Designer: Kerry Goodwin

Shapes: 7/7

William Moorcroft’s Hesperian Ware included designs depicting fish, notably, carp, seaweed, and shells. Colours varied from the typical Florian Blue and included greens, yellows, and salmon hues sometimes with gold accents. Hispalian utilises accent colours and design to create an Art Nouveau underwater world, tinged with the salmon pinks of the traditional Hesperian Ware. On the 15th April 1902 E. Watling, of retailer Osier, wrote to Mr. Moorcroft having seen his fish design to suggest a name for it – “How does Hispalian strike you? (taken from the name of an old Persian city).” The final name was to become Hesperian (from the Garden of Hesperides), but almost 120 years to the date of this historic letter, Hispalian finally makes its world debut.

Victorian Iris

Designer: Kerry Goodwin

Shape: 375/10

Florian Iris, with traditional blue-on-blue engobe, has delighted Moorcroft enthusiasts from as early as 1898. In the Victorian era, it was usual to send a blue iris with a letter that brought good news. Victorian Iris is certainly good news, twirling in huge voluminous skirts of powered blue ruffled petals against a white ground and encased in an inky-frame of moonlight blue.

Daffodils of OldeHispalianFlorian Blue Pansy

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