Hensley Legal Group, PC, An Evansville, Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney, is Offering Exclusive Legal Services to Accident Victims in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN: Hensley Legal Group, PC, offers exclusive legal services to clients involved in accidents by giving each case a personal approach. The firm is experienced at representing car accident victims, especially those involved in hit-and-runs, pedestrian accidents, and public transportation accidents. Regardless of the case dynamics, the firm is dedicated to showing the other driver’s negligence and therefore representing the client in negotiating for a worthy settlement based on the damages, the cost of medical bills, and physical or mental suffering. The team also assists the client in seeking compensation for economic damages such as future medical expenses if the client needs physical therapy.

The Indianapolis personal injury lawyer also represents clients involved in motorcycle accidents by collecting evidence and creating a strong case. Considering the motorcycle community is often blamed for their perceived lack of safety, the insurance company may blame the client for not putting on protective gear, forcing them to settle for a lower figure. To avoid such cases, Hensley Legal Group, PC assists the client in proving the other party’s negligence by gathering all the available evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting the experts (for figures such as the cost of future medical expenses). Once the attorneys have adequately prepared, they start the negotiation process with the insurance company, and in case they cannot agree on the settlement, the team proceeds to trial.

The personal injury attorneys also assist clients involved in semi-truck accidents by using the available avenues to pursue a settlement on the client’s behalf. Unlike most personal injury claims, the insurance company is more likely to point fingers at the trucking company, driver, loading company, or truck manufacturer, making it hard for the client to pursue settlement. However, when the client contacts the attorney shortly after the accident, the professionals start collecting and sorting the available evidence and building a strong case that shows the party responsible, making it easier to pursue compensation.

Besides semi-truck accident victims, the accident lawyers represent clients involved in truck accidents, especially considering the truck accidents have many facets, such as the extent of the damages and the insurance responsible. Once they have collected enough evidence showing the parties accountable, the firm starts the negotiation process, protecting the client’s interests throughout the process. Also, the firm assists the client in navigating through laws such as working hours, maintenance requirements, and weight requirements, all of which impact the settlement.

Clients interested in the services of a personal injury attorney can contact the firm at (317) 526-1440. Hensley Legal Group, PC is located at 117 East Washington Street #200, Indianapolis, IN, 46204, US. Visit the website for more information.

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