Trophy Hunting: A Blessing or a Curse?

Trophy Hunter with Lion Kill

Wildlife Channel Asks Public to Weigh Merits of Trophy Hunting in Live Debate.

Toronto, Ontario Feb 24, 2022 ( – will help to answer the toughest questions surrounding trophy hunting as a means of wildlife conservation. On February 26, 2022, at 4:30 p.m., UK time (11:30 a.m. EST), it will host a long overdue, live debate about the merits of Trophy Hunting as a tool in Wildlife Conservation. Championing the motion for “utilizing trophy hunting” will be Dr. Dilys Roe, Chairperson of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and arguing against the motion will be Will Travers, Executive President of “Born Free”.

In the last two decades, thanks to the popularity of social media, public awareness about the sport grew exponentially. Trophy hunting has also become increasingly vilified as trophy hunters take to platforms, like Facebook, to post gruesome selfies with slain wildlife. Once the practice of canned lion hunting was exposed in South Africa in 2015, followed by the infamous slaughter of Cecil the Lion, the tide of public opinion shifted even further against trophy hunting.

In addition, the UK Government’s ban on trophy hunting imports, and an article in the Guardian on January 13, 2022, in response, refueled the argument. Not only did the discussion draw the attention of trophy hunters and conservationists, but it also spurred interest in the scientific community. Some scientists claim trophy hunting is, in fact, a necessary tool in wildlife conservation, and they are opposed to the new legislation in the UK that bans the importation of wildlife trophies.

Supporters of both sides have publicly sniped at each other with vicious comments, even death threats, none of which has brought them closer to solutions. Now, MojoStreaming is spearheading a debate on the topic, dubbing it “one of the most important wildlife events so far this decade”.

Though the channel takes a strong stance against trophy hunting, MojoStreaming’s philosophy is one that sees constructive discourse as the only productive route to protecting wildlife.

Catering to a worldwide audience, is a wildlife streaming start-up channel headquartered in Toronto, Canada. By offering captivating, high-quality, wildlife feature films, TV series, documentaries, and wildlife-related news items, its team aims to add its voice to the organizations protecting wildlife. MojoStreaming conducts interviews and debates with international wildlife personalities about events and practices that impact wildlife in a meaningful way. They are poised to provide real-time, live streams from sanctuaries and reserves across the globe, and they have a unique platform for wildlife enthusiasts all over the world to upload and view privately captured wildlife-themed videos.

Its team is composed of wildlife enthusiasts, each offering unique expertise and necessary skill sets to make MojoStreaming a force to be reckoned with in the wildlife streaming space.

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