Smithson Bancorp, micro lender gifting $1,000 no cash access credit lines to build credit of High-School Seniors

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Chicago, Illinois Feb 22, 2022 ( – Smithson Bancorp is an NMLS licensed Consumer Installment Micro Lender offering some of the same services as Major Banks. Smithson Bancorp has been in business since 2017 and is working its way through the financial channels to one day operate like a major bank.

Smithson Bancorp offers revolving lines of credit, payday/short-term loans for life’s unexpected expenses to those who qualify. In addition to the services listed. Smithson offers a program that specializes in credit management by offering their well-known $1,000 no cash access line of credit to teens, high-school seniors, and young adults NATIONWIDE free of charge to build their credit while they’re obtaining their high-school diploma.The line of credit is reported to the major credit bureau to assist the future leaders of tomorrow to be prepared financially sooner than later. The goal for this program is to allow Smithson Bancorp to assist in introducing the up and coming generation to the beginning stages of wealth management building which can lead to the building of generational wealth.The no-cash access line of credit is not formulated to just assist High-School seniors, This same program is offered for a fee to anyone who has filed for bankruptcy and looking to get back on track, First time home buyers, or anyone who has had credit challenges in the past.With the no cash access line of credit program, NO cash is ever exchanged so the consumer would not be acquiring any debt.

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