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The massage specialists at A Better Body believe in a holistic approach to healing and wellness. Whether clients want to look and feel younger or reduce stress after a day at work, the expanded service can meet their needs.

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According to the latest social research, 25% of the US population views their job as the primary stressor in their life. The expanded massage treatments from A Better Body aim to provide clients with fully personalized plans that help them to forget about the difficulties of the day and relax.

Before each treatment begins, the client will be able to sit down and talk with their massage therapist. This is a chance for them to establish key focal points, any difficulties they’re having, and queries or concerns.

Therapeutic massage is an ancient tradition that has been proven to offer a range of benefits for clients. Data shows that it can help to manage anxiety and stress, high blood pressure, and insomnia. It’s also effective at providing alleviation from back pain.

A Better Body strives to help clients relax and reduce stress with the latest updates to its services. Each bespoke massage treatment prompts the release of endorphins in the brain, promoting a feeling of overall wellbeing.

The clinic is owned by Kaitlin Rohowetz, who is also a certified health and life coach. She uses this insight and experience to provide a wide range of options for clients, including wellness coaching and skincare programs.

The full range of treatments available through the Wisconsin clinic includes Swedish massage, deep tissue treatments, cupping, trigger point, and hot stone sessions. Clients can also book in for pre-natal massages, couples treatments, and corporate chair massages.

A spokesperson for the massage clinic states: “Our therapeutic massages are customized to each individual client. Your massage therapist will talk with you before each session to establish any areas of pain or tension to focus on, as well as any areas you do not like to have worked on.”

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A Better Body
A Better Body

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