Avalanche AVAX News Site Promotes Blockchain, DeFi and NFT Trends

BCG Media has announced a news site dedicated to the Avalanche blockchain, AVAX coin news and other developments in DeFi, NFTs, smart contracts and the crypto industry. As well as offering news related to Avalanche and current trends, a free Guide to Crypto and DeFi is available to download for interested readers.

With the explosion in market cap of the entire crypto space, the demand for informed reporting on what is happening and how blockchain technology works has increased. Market participants want to keep up with new developments that can affect their business and investment plans.


The Avalanche blockchain and the AVAX fixed supply token have burst onto the scene in the last year, and the market cap for AVAX has ascended to over $13 Billion. Avalanche is making an impact because it provides a blockchain platform for building and running decentralized apps (dapps).

Polychain and Three Arrows capital have made a $230 million private investment, underpinning the confidence stakeholders have in the platform.

Avalanche is a competitor to Ethereum and other blockchains, with some key differences. Avalanche consensus combines Classical consensus with Nakamoto consensus – to get the best of both worlds. It’s a platform of platforms, giving participants the ability to make bespoke application specific blockchains.

Users can launch Ethereum decentralized applications that process thousands of transactions per second. Users can also build their own virtual machines dictating how the blockchain should operate. They can scale to millions of validators while providing security guarantees above the fifty one percent standard.

“Investors and stakeholders are looking for informed, educational content around these new technologies,” said Tim Robertson, Editor of AvalancheWire, “and Avalanche is validating the appetite for alternative platforms that provide tremendous value.”

Avalanche has native support for creating and trading digital smart assets. Custom rule sets define how those assets are traded for regulatory compliance. The assets could be real estate, bonds, equities or debt instruments.

Avalanche’s C-Chain uses the EVM and is 100% compatible with Ethereum. The benefit is that anything users do with Ethereum can be done with C-Chain, only with lower fees, sub-second finality and thousands of tps.

The Avalanche ecosystem is growing quickly to include prediction markets, ILOs, DEX’s, synthetics, stablecoins and private securities.

For educational news and information, visit AvalancheWire: https://avalanchewire.com

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