Grief Coach Closes Strategic Growth Funding Round

Grief Coach closes strategic growth funding round to expand its personalized bereavement support to those who need it most.

Seattle, WA. – With the United States annual death rate at 2.9 million and rising, personalized grief care for surviving loved ones is needed more than ever. Grief Coach has been on a mission to meet this need by delivering customized, expert grief support direct to consumers for nearly three years. This month the company closed its strategic growth funding round, allowing them to expand their partnerships with more healthcare providers and employers who want to provide scalable, affordable bereavement care.

Grief Coach’s most recent investors include Amend Health and Adelle Archer, Chief Executive Officer of Eterneva. “I share in Grief Coach’s vision to change the culture around death, grief, and remembrance in this country,” said Amend Health co-founder Marcelo Morales. “We’re proud to partner with this trailblazing company as it delivers the resources and care bereaved people need to feel less alone.”

At this time, it’s estimated that one out of every four Americans are newly bereaved. Grief Coach’s text-based survey tool allows organizations to quickly and easily gather feedback from grieving individuals, who will then receive regular messages that are customized based on cause of death, age, relationship, and more. These messages are designed to help recipients cope with the feelings of anger, frustration, and guilt that bereavement experts observe among those who lose a loved one.

“Americans are experiencing an alarming number of unexpected deaths with little, if any, access to high-quality bereavement care,” said Grief Coach Founder and CEO, Emma Payne. “These deaths regularly make headlines, yet grief care remains absent from our public health dialogues and the funding of our public and private organizations. With this latest round of strategic growth funding, we are excited to offer our tool to more organizations seeking effective ways to deliver thoughtful care and support to grieving individuals.”

Grief Coach is also expanding its Board of Strategic Advisors. New members include Katrina Spade, founder and CEO of Recompose and Sam Blackman, founder and CMO of Day One Biopharmaceuticals. The team will help Grief Coach continue to find innovative ways to deliver efficient, affordable, and impactful support to the millions who need it, when they need it.

A Snapshot of America’s Bereavement Care Needs:

55 million people die every year, including 2.9 million in the U.S.

An average of 9 people grieve every death.

There are 26 million newly bereaved Americans every year.

25% of U.S. employees are grieving a recent death.

Grief leads to $100 billion in direct and indirect costs to annual US revenue.

About Grief Coach

Grief Coach sends personalized text messages to help people after someone dies. Grieving people receive resources and tips, all year long, to help them feel less alone. If they have friends and family who want to help, but aren’t sure how, Grief Coach texts them suggestions as well. Grief Coach also works with nonprofits, hospices, tissue banks, employers, and others who provide bereavement support. To learn more, visit

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