Mohan Ananda to release Memoir on life as an Immigrant in the United States

President and CEO of and now author Mohan Ananda is set to launch his memoir entitled, “Autobiography of an Immigrant” on October 20th. His book will be available via Amazon:

Ananda was inspired to write his autobiography based on the plight of many faceless migrants moving and finding better lives.

“In many ways, my life story is comparable to the life stories of millions of people who have come to this great country, the United States of America, with unlimited hopes and aspirations… I had to face, the bravery and confidence to confront difficult circumstances and disappointments head-on, the unbelievable resolve to move forward with a positive attitude, and the joy experienced at every point of the achievement and accomplishment, no matter the size.” He shares.

It has been exactly fifty years since Ananda immigrated from India to the US and putting together this book is a celebration of those many years he had decided to do so.

Ananda has been forthcoming to discuss issues that remain taboo including fear of the unknown, cultural gap, and homesickness that are all too familiar when it is your first time to step into unchartered territory.

And yet, Ananda continues to eagerly encourage younger generations toward immigrating not only to the US but also to all corners of the world. He aspires to make their dreams a reality by presenting himself as an example.

Ananda successfully listed his company at the NASDAQ where it continues to be the leading provider of Internet-based mailing and shipping solutions that utilizes technology that he had developed. He was instrumental in raising a capital of $450 Million through private and public offerings.

As you will see, I capitalized on being alone to focus and concentrate so that I could achieve great things. I also used the occasion to make new contacts within my new home country so that I was able to have friends and family I could rely on during difficult times, He recounts.

Mohan Ananda graduated with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from Coimbatore Institute of Technology in Coimbatore, India, and later on received his MS degree in Aeronautics from California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, California

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