Gilbert AZ Pest Control Contractor Insurance Policy – Quote Services Launched

With its new insurance policies, the agency continues its mission of offering affordable and comprehensive protection to various businesses. The brokerage explains that few products are focused on the nuanced concerns of pest control companies.

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The new insurances include several pandemic-ready features. The current health crisis has placed a tremendous burden on many businesses, and one way to reduce liability is with a comprehensive insurance policy.

According to the latest marketing surveys, many insurance companies do not offer policies for industries that they consider to be “high-risk”, including pest control. This has caused many pest control companies to operate without any sort of financial protection.

Insurance Brokers of Arizona addresses this gap in the market and offers full-range packages with broadened coverage. Its coverage includes full-policy damage liability for wood-destroying insects and organisms, and wood-decaying fungus.

To further aid pest control companies, the insurance policies also include new supplementary coverages, such as employee benefits liability, business umbrella liability, and lost key coverage with multiple limit options, among others.

One coverage the company is proud to offer is its additional insured WRAP, which eliminates the hassle of endorsing the policy every time the business enters a new contract. Now, pest control companies continue their policies regardless of how many contracts they enter within a year.

Insurance Brokers of Arizona is the leading provider of insurance products for many of the state’s specialty businesses. It has developed a distinctive program that helps clients identify the correct insurance coverage for their business.

To comply with the latest health guidelines to limit social interactions, clients are encouraged to schedule a consultation online.

A spokesperson for the company said, “You keep bugs, rodents, and termites from destroying your customer’s property. You crawl through tight spaces with the creepy crawlies to ensure their property is protected. Now, let us take care of your concerns with a pest control insurance policy.”

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