New Mommy Media Podcasts Offer Online Support for New Moms and Pregnant Women

New Mommy Media is an online support platform for new and pregnant moms to get help to navigate their pregnancies and parenting. The resource achieves such goals through a series of new mom podcasts, online videos, blog posts, and an active new mom community tailored towards fine-tuning specific areas within child care and pregnancy nurturing.

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The new mom podcasts produced by New Mommy Media usually cover different areas within childcare and pregnancy. The platform allows new moms to choose which specific new mom podcasts to grace. These new mom podcasts include “Preggie Pals,” one of the best podcasts for new moms on the platform. Preggie Pals features a new or pregnant mom panel where individuals share their childcare or pregnancy experiences, resonating with many other new and pregnant podcast audiences in the process.

“Twin Talks” is another interesting and informative audio podcast on the New Mommy Media platform. Twin Talks, one of the best podcasts for new moms and pregnant women expecting twins or multiples, is a support system for couples expecting twins or multiples or parents with twins or multiples.

According to the brief introduction on its website, New Mommy Media also features online videos in a conversation format. Sunny Gault, New Mommy Media CEO, interviews various child care and parenting experts on common issues such as how to raise a child at infantry, toddler stage, and post-toddler stage. The New Mommy Media interviews and blog posts offer educative content to new parents and prospective parents in a bid to better their parenting and entertain them to make parenting a fun experience and not just an inevitable and mandatory role.

New Mommy Media also has a vibrant new mom community called “Mighty Moms.” In this active online support group, members get to share their experiences, frustrations, achievements, and their general parenting or pregnancy journey through live and interactive sessions geared towards connecting members. The new mom community is a haven for new and prospective moms to get encouragement along their journeys. Membership for the new mom community comes in two plans:

A monthly membership plan billed at $9.99 per month, giving unlimited one-month access to the community members. An unlimited membership plan billed once at $99.99, giving one unlimited lifetime access to the new mom community.

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