Gulfport MS Philips CPAP Claims/June 2021 Recall Legal Assessment Service Launch

The newly launched service from Healy & Jordan PLLC reflects the seriousness of the CPAP recall, which was issued by Philips in June 2021. Although the full extent of the issues caused by the machines is not yet known, it is believed to affect Philips Bilevel PAP, CPAP devices, and Philips Mechanical Respirator devices.

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Although a worrying time for many, Healy & Jordan PLLC wants to ensure users are supported and know their legal rights. Through their new CPAP claims service, the experienced team of attorneys will determine their clients’ eligibility for a compensation claim. They will also explain what the process may involve.

Users of Philips CPAP sleep apnea machines and Mechanical Respirator devices are advised to check for debris in their apparatus. If there are foreign objects or particles visible in the breathing tubes, this could show the polyester-based polyurethane foam within the device has begun to break down.

Toxic chemicals may be released through the particles, which can enter the respiratory system. Affected users may experience serious health consequences. As part of the new service, Healy & Jordan PLLC recommends clients contact them directly if they have experienced symptoms ranging from airway irritation or inflammation, to breathing difficulty, lung damage, or new or worsening asthma.

In addition, anyone suffering with pneumonia, lung, kidney, liver, or colon cancer, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, respiratory failure, liver disease, or kidney disease should also contact the firm without delay.

The personal injury firm provides every client with personalized attention, as no one case is the same. Its goal is to offer comprehensive legal support to those affected.

A company spokesperson said: “If you or someone you love has used one of these machines, please complete the online form or request an intake packet to see if you qualify for compensation. Our dedicated group of attorneys has years of experience handling complex cases and we want to represent you.”

The full list of affected Philips Bilevel PAP and CPAP devices is: E30 (Emergency Use Authorization), DreamStation ASV, DreamStation ST, AVAPS, SystemOne ASV4, C Series ASV, S/T, AVAPS, OmniLab Advanced Plus In-Lab Titration Device, SystemOne (Q series), DreamStation CPAP, Auto CPAP, BiPAP, DreamStation GO CPAP, APAP, Dorma 400, 500 CPAP, REMStat SE Auto CPAP.

Philips Mechanical Respirator devices affected include Trilogy 100 Ventilator, Trilogy 200 Ventilator, Garbin Plus, Aeris, LifeVent Ventilator, Philips A-Series BiPAP Hybrid A30, Philips A-Series BiPAP V30 Auto Ventilator, A-Series BiPAP A40, and A-Series BiPAP A30.

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