How Will Utility Rate Plans Effect Your Bills After You Go Solar?

Investing in solar energy saves and earns consumers money, provides them with a reliable energy source, and catalyzes energy independence and environmental stewardship. A newly released report published by Option One Solar titled “Guide to Solar Rate Plans,” examines the billing strategies utility companies now use to direct revenue from solar users’ investments back into their own organizations.

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When Southern California residents switch to solar power, utility companies automatically put them on one of their solar rate plans or solar time of use plans (TOU). The move ensures utility companies continue to derive revenue from solar powered households. In their report “Guide to Solar Rate Plans,” Option One Solar examines the Time of Use billing processes put into place by Southern California Edison, (SCE), San Diego Gas & Electric, (SDGE), and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), and explains why their company’s kilowatt-hour solar power installation system produces better savings.

In their report, Option One Solar examines rate plans from the three biggest utility providers in the region to emphasize the importance of a properly sized solar panel system.

The report also explains net energy metering, a program that calculates solar energy vs. utility energy consumption to determine whether residents owe money to the utility company, or if the utility company owes them a rebate. This means appropriate solar system sizing is essential.

The solar system design process offered by Option One Solar uses an annual kilowatt-hour calculation that prevents customers from over-paying utility companies and helps them begin saving money immediately.

Option One Solar has completed thousands of solar panel systems installs and can cut their customers’ energy bills by 90% or more. With 50 years of experience and proven space program standards, Option One Solar is a leader in their sector. Voted best solar company for five years in a row, Option One has received hundreds of 5-star ratings across several platforms that include Google, Yelp, Solar Review, and more.

A recent customer says, “Solar is going to be the future. Plus, solar net metering is cheaper than this new Edison TOU plan. Five stars. Highly recommended.”

With the release of their report, “Guide to Solar Rate Plans,” Option One Solar makes it easier and more profitable for Southern California residents to switch to a solar panel system.

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