Hollywood Roofing Experts Gear Up For Roof Replacement Season

Many people may assume that summer is the time to replace their roofs in Hollywood, FL. Summer is, after all, the time of year where it rains almost daily. However, while summer rain keeps local roofing companies in Hollywood very busy, it is mainly with roof repair jobs. The Hollywood Roofing Experts have had a successful summer in terms of new business, especially when compared with 2020. Now with dozens of roof replacement projects already under contract and dozens more to come, the Hollywood Roofing Experts are kicking it into high gear by hiring additional crews for replacement projects.

Many homeowners defer getting a new roof until after the summer passes because of the rain. The non-stop rain and thunderstorms can often delay projects, so if the roof can be tarped or patched up, for the time being, that is the route many homeowners take, and then they look to replace the roof come the not so rainy autumn and winter months.

Jonathan, a representative from the Hollywood Roofing Experts, said, “We are very excited for the tremendous growth we have seen in 2021. We should be doing close to double the number of roof replacements come year’s end than we did in 2020. Many of these roofs are under contract and will be finished in the coming months now that summer is behind us. We are glad to announce that we hired an additional crew for what will be a very busy close to this year.”

The roof replacement process can take quite a while, so homeowners are encouraged to seek help as soon as possible if there is a current roofing issue in the home. For one, permits need to be pulled; then, if the roof is tile, it may take longer due to the current tile shortage. Fortunately for Hollywood homeowners, many opt for asphalt shingle roof replacements. A shingle roof replacement can be completed in a few days or less, and the materials are currently in stock, get more info here on asphalt roofing https://www.hollywoodroofingexperts.com/roof-replacement/asphalt-shingle.

The Hollywood Roofing Experts offer free estimates and proposals for all homeowners looking to replace their roofs. In addition, they can help with any insurance claims and have the ability to put homeowners in touch with roof financing options.

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