Ebony Boutique NZ Launches Ebony Merino New Zealand

Ebony Boutique NZ presents Ebony Merino New Zealand. A range of sustainable, biodegradable, 100% Merino Wool Thermal Women’s Clothing made from 100% NZ & Australian Merino Wool as seen here https://ebonyboutique.co.nz/collections/thermal-base-layers-crew-v-neck-womens-merino-wool-nz

Ebony’s family have been providing quality wool knitwear to Kiwis and Aussies since 1951. What sets them aside from fashion fads is their 70-year commitment to slow fashion. The fashion industry is responsible for large volumes of landfill and carbon emissions. Fast fashion makes shopping for clothes affordable but comes at a large environmental cost to the atmosphere and ocean. Ebony Merino New Zealand makes long lasting clothing that is sustainable, biodegradable and cruelty free.

Those interested can Shop online here or buy instore at Ngatea, Waihi Beach, Paeroa, or Royal Oak, Auckland.

Merino wool is the perfect for making clothing and Ebony Merino’s thermal wool clothing stands the test of time. They last season after season and are designed to be anti-pilling. Merino wool is environmentally friendly, renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable and Ebony Merino use only muelsing-free wool. The Ebony Boutique stores have also shifted to compostable garment and courier bags, reducing the impact on the environment.

Purchasing clothing made from high quality natural fibres is a good investment as natural fibres tend to last longer than synthetics overall. Merino wool fibres are long meaning in general it doesn’t pill like cheaper wool with shorter fibres does. Short fibres also stick out and this is why some wool can feel itchy. Ebony Merino NZ only use the best quality 18.5-micron fibres in their clothing guaranteeing a soft silky feel next to bare skin.

Wool is a renewable resource as it grows over and over again. It is a natural compostable fibre. It breaks down and unlike synthetic garments doesn’t release micro plastics. Ebony Merino NZ source all the wool from their garments in NZ and Australia. The majority of NZ and Australian sheep are raised as nature intended on grass diets which can be climate beneficial. Managed grazing is good for the environment as grass can protect against soil erosion and run off. Sheep do not pull the roots of plants meaning they will grow again. Their hooves help break up soil encouraging new growth and allowing water to be absorbed. There have also been reports that well managed grazing land can help reduce atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide and can reduce greenhouse gas accumulation too.

As well as being all good for you, Ebony Merino NZ is good for animals too. Muelsing is a cruel practice started in the 1920’s in which skin is striped from around the buttocks of young sheep to ensure wool doesn’t grow there again and reducing the risk of flystrike. Ebony Merino NZ will absolutely NOT use mulesed sheep wool. The wool used in an Ebony Merino is cruelty free and can be traced to the farm.

Ebony Merino New Zealand’s premium range of thermal, base layer or outer layer clothing is fantastic year-round. The range of women’s merino wool clothing NZ reacts to moisture in the air. This means in cold weather they generate heat to keep you warm, while in warm weather they wick away moisture keeping you dry. It also makes them odour resistant. 100% pure merino wool used by Ebony Merino NZ is natural, breathable, self-extinguishing and one of the least flammable fibres around which makes it the best choice for outdoor adventures.

The full range of Ebony Merino Women’s Knitwear NZ includes thermal tops, pants, ponchos, beanies, scarves, and gloves, here’s an example https://ebonyboutique.co.nz/products/style-ebas553-colour-a-h

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