Shawnee KS Custom Home Window Treatment – Roller Shades Installation Launched

Window coverings can improve a home’s energy efficiency by reducing heat loss through windows. They can also help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by blocking cold drafts from outside or direct sunlight. While the benefits these window treatments offer depend on the type of treatment, the company’s latest move ensures homeowners within its service area can choose from a wide selection of materials that fit their unique needs.

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Replacing existing windows with more energy-efficient models can cost anywhere between $10,000 – $30,000 on average. If however, the windows are in good shape, adding window coverings is a cost-effective option that will help improve the home’s energy efficiency significantly. The recent announcement is in line with the company’s long-standing commitment to providing its clients with affordable custom-made window treatments.

The team works closely with each client to create a custom design that fits their stylistic and aesthetic preferences. Whether the homeowner is looking to refresh the look and feel of their indoor space or wants to improve privacy, the company can provide them with the right solution.

Their approach incorporates ideas from clients, allowing them to be a vital part of the design process. The homeowner also gets to choose from hundreds of fabrics sourced from leading window treatment product manufacturers across the country.

As a family-owned and operated business, Inside Solutions rely primarily on word-of-mouth marketing to gain new customers, hence they strive to provide a hassle-free experience for each client.

Their team of professionals is always on hand to guide homeowners through the entire process, from offering expert advice on the best materials, providing insightful design ideas to installation, ensuring the client has a truly immersive experience.

The local window coverings provider offers a complimentary in-house design consultation customers can take advantage of to discuss their needs with one of the company’s experienced interior designers.

Interested parties can schedule at-home consultation by entering their details in the form provided on the website.

A company spokesperson said: “We don’t charge per hour or do we carry pre-made items. We cater to the homeowner that wants that custom-tailored look–and also wants to be an important part of the design process.”

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Inside Solutions, LLC.
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