HEPA/Carbon Filter Air Purifiers For Home Allergens And Pollutants Launched

This company knows that poor air quality in homes can adversely affect how well individuals with chronic lung conditions breathe. Their latest air purifiers contain 3.5″ activated carbon filters that trap and remove pollutants, smoke, chemicals, gases, and odors to control allergy and asthma triggers.

More information is available at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/collections/all-air-purifiers/products/aller-airmedic-pro-5-hd-air-purifier

Even normally healthy individuals can suffer from poor air quality, but everyone can now improve the quality of air in their homes with AllerAir AirMedic air purifiers. The Super HEPA particle filters in these devices remove 99.9% of airborne particles at 0.1 microns.

Improving air quality with an air purifier is the first and possibly the most important step to help individuals breathe easier. Think Air Purifiers has also issued a report to help people learn what additional steps they can take to make their breathing easier.

The report is available at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/blogs/news/how-to-breathe-easier

Some environmental factors can be controlled relatively easily. Individuals are advised to avoid allergy triggers like aerosol products, cleaning products, insecticides, and smoke. Many of these toxic commercial products can now be replaced with environmental-friendly, non-toxic alternatives that will be easier on the lungs.

For some individuals, medication like bronchodilators or anti-inflammatory agents may be the answer. For many, though, adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes an exercise routine and healthy food choices will make a big difference in the ability to breathe easily.

Besides these techniques that individuals can do on their own, though, installing an air purifier in the home can be the most effective.

Both the AllerAir AirMedic Pro 5 and the Pro 6 remove 99.99% of all airborne particles. The Pro 5 has a large carbon filter, but the Pro 6 has an extra-large filter and is more powerful with 40% more filtration capacity.

The activated carbon filters in both these air purifiers can be configured for different levels of filtration. In fact, the filters can even be specialized for different allergens, and the UV option quickly eliminates live airborne pathogens. Both models are suitable for home, office, school, or other areas where good air quality is a priority.

Interested parties can find details at https://thinkairpurifiers.com/products/aller-airmedic-pro-6-hd-air-purifier

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