Colma CA Charity Cryptocurrency Token – LBank Trading/Smart Contract Launched

Continuing its mission of offering a next-generation token for the welfare of others, Manaio has added new charity programs to its platform. Now, 1% of each transaction is proportionately distributed to support various causes such as the Children’s Cancer Institute In Wien, Austria, and the Stop World Hunger Project.

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The announcement solidifies the commitment of the company to offer a fully decentralized charity cryptocurrency to help people in need with BEP20 smart contracts, which will eventually be migrated to the MNI blockchain. The next-gen token features a 1% giveback rule that adds money to different charities around the world. Nevertheless, Manaio offers complete transparency in everything it does, asking investors to choose where to donate and what charity project to fund by voting.

Its tokens are primarily traded in LBank, the world’s leading crypto asset trading platform. The company believes that its innovative concept opens a new way for investors to manage their cryptocurrencies with its dynamic charity token. The goal is to simplify cryptocurrency trading while adding blockchain education in schools.

This is to address the various misconceptions that still surround crypto investments and how it works. The company says that the easiest way to explain cryptocurrencies is to think of them as tokens used in arcades or casinos. Investors exchange physical money bills for utility tokens which are now part of their digital wallets.

These utility tokens can be used to purchase a product or service. Further, cryptocurrencies are part of an online ledger that is distributed across multiple blocks that allow users to record in real-time. This is what is called a blockchain. Unlike traditional banking that has a single operating checking system, blockchain technology is checked by multiple people at the same time, making it more secure.

Many people buy and sell their utility tokens for a profit, making cryptocurrency investments a potentially lucrative asset. Manaio simplifies this trading with its smart 1% value rule. Each investment donates part of its yields to charity.

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