Traffic Gen Solutions Brings Their Tooth Implant Pros Brand To San Mateo

Traffic Gen Solutions is a web traffic service provider for health professionals in the northeastern part of the United States. They are looking to spread their customer base to the west coast by opening a string of new locations in California, with customers in Santa Clara, Carlsbad, and Thousand Oaks already in place. The company is working towards making good on its mission to work with dental practices all throughout the United States by 2025.

Although the company claims it works with Chiropractors, cosmetic surgeons, and physios, Traffic Gen Solutions, or TGS, seems more interested in the dental industry than anything else. Their marketing brand known as the, “Tooth Implant Pros,” is the moniker they use when setting up their lead generation system in every city they target. Marketing Director Marcus Roman, claims “Replacing missing teeth is always going to be a problem people need solved. This is why we lead with implant case generation for our dental customers. We understand implant specialists have a tough time driving that specific traffic to set up appointments based on the strength of the website.”

What you will find are hundreds of dental websites that feel like brochures. Web design matured into the industry we know today. There was a time when web design was left up to the website owner to figure out. There were not many design agencies in existence. The internet was in its infancy at that time. Today, anyone can sign up to or SquareSpace and set up their own website in minutes. That wasn’t the case 20 years ago. What we saw coming out of the medical industry, and this includes dental, were websites that looked similar to the brochures these doctors would hand out to patients.

These brochures would outline the various services the practice provided. This turned “brochure-style websites” into an industry unto itself between 2005 and 2012. However, as Google began putting more emphasis on content, and the quality of that content, the design of websites needed to work in-tandem with this new approach. The problem is, almost a decade later, web designers are creating beautifully designed websites that still don’t take the actual content into account. According to Marcus, this is why fancy sites still read like brochures today. He says, “They may not look like brochure-style sites anymore, but they read like them.”

A major factor in TGS being able to generate as many leads for their customers is based on their website’s ability to convert web traffic into actual leads that end with someone contacting the practice to learn more about next steps. Their sites may look, and feel, like dental websites, but the copy, and the conversion tools, are all designed to get qualified prospects to take action right away.

Traffic Gen Solutions doesn’t consider themselves a true lead generation company because they don’t actually set the appointment for their customers. They call their approach for generating leads for implant specialists the “Implant Case Generation System.” This system is designed to send a practice calls and emails from people interested in implants throughout the course of a month.

TGS just began contacting implant specialists in San Mateo over the last week, and are confident they will find the right fit within the next few weeks. It usually takes the firm between 30-60 days to find a practice that understands their approach and understands how the system works.

Although getting Google to drive their precious traffic to a brand new website is difficult, even for experienced companies like TGS, the reason why they choose to build these systems for dental practices is because implants are much more cost-effective to produce today than they were a decade ago. This brings down the cost for everyone involved. Dentists can now offer better deals than they were able to just a few years ago, making the idea of implants becoming available to the masses more realistic now than ever before.

When implant specialists team up with TGS, they are getting a specific service – implant-qualified traffic. That traffic can end up calling, or emailing, the practice. In either case, these contacts become leads, and it is up to the practice to convert these leads into actual booked appointments. And according to Marcus, this is exactly what some implant specialists want.

Once they have the system fully in place, they ask the practice if they would like to have another system set up for other services they provide. This allows TGS to expand its service offerings, bring in more revenue, and provide more value to their customers.

Tooth Implant Pros of San Mateo
Tooth Implant Pros of San Mateo

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