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Exclusive to the Arizona clinic and fully cleared by the FDA, the latest treatments available are suitable for diabetes, injury recovery, and infection. Whether patients are experiencing a sudden discomfort or pain has developed over time, the expert team provides a tailored solution.

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Peripheral neuropathy typically causes numbness in the hands and feet due to damaged nerves interrupting the pain-response process. The newly expanded service from Neuropathy Treatment Center provides patients with a reliable and proven program to reclaim their health and wellbeing.

The center explains that patients are likely to experience a range of different symptoms depending on the types of nerves that have been damaged. Motor nerves, which are linked to muscle movement, can cause muscle weakness over time. This results in patients having difficulty moving or slower reflexes.

Sensory nerves can impact the way that patients feel hot or cold sensations, and damage here leads to numbness or an inability to accurately detect temperature changes.

Peripheral neuropathy can also affect the autonomic nerves, which control blood pressure, heart rate, and other involuntary functions. Symptoms of autonomic nerve damage include an irregular heart rate and nausea.

Contacting a specialist clinic like Neuropathy Treatment Center is an effective and reliable way for patients to dramatically reduce the complaints associated with the condition.

This is important because unaddressed nerve pain can dramatically impact every aspect of a patient’s life. Many sufferers explain that, before treatment, they couldn’t sleep due to foot or leg discomfort, and balance problems affected their lifestyle enjoyment.

The focus of the treatment at Neuropathy Treatment Center is on attacking the root cause of the nerve damage, which ensures patients’ pain is reversed. The customized pain-relief system naturally restores the hands and feet to a more comfortable state, with results often lasting for years.

A spokesperson for the center says: “Improve balance and stability with our exclusive neuropathy treatment. You can walk with confidence, no longer worried about if you can keep up. As pain levels decrease, the need for medication is significantly reduced.”

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Neuropathy Treatment Centers of Arizona
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