Pet Pain Holistic Health Assessment/Healing Touch Online Training Program Launch

The new program called Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) focuses on treating pain in pets that may go unnoticed by pet owners or undiagnosed by veterinary surgeons. The upcoming webinar discusses pet exams, pet care, and pain relief using the “healing power of touch.”

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Developed and taught by Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, WEBB is a methodology designed to educate new and experienced pet owners to recognize the symptoms of silent pain in animals and provides information on how to treat it effectively.

According to statistics, 70% of dogs experience chronic back or myofascial pain with 53% of them left untreated because they do not show any indication of their suffering. However, Dr. Bassingthwaighte suggests that it is possible to spot signs of pain by touching and feeling different areas in a skillful and controlled manner.

The new online training program WEBB teaches pet owners how to correctly handle their animals, allowing them to realize signs of pain through a gentle pet exam and to treat the problem accordingly. The method works by relieving built-up tension in the animal’s muscles through a gentle touch and massage instead of using pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers.

The WEBB method teaches pet owners how to perform a hands-on pet care assessment and conduct neuro-fascial bodywork using techniques such as deep pressure touch. It acts as a guide for pet owners and includes information on how to mobilize deep body structures like the spine. It involves craniosacral release and balancing, fascial release, structural integration, and energy connection.

The WEBB training program has been developed to promote overall pet health and has many benefits for the animal. It is effective for healthy dogs and animals that have experienced trauma or abuse. The technique has been used on rescue dogs to provide stress relief and help them feel safe by reducing anxiety.

The method also helps people develop a closer and stronger bond with their pets by experiencing a new way to connect with them. It helps over-excitable dogs by activating the animal’s nervous system and helps control behaviors such as tail-biting and barking.

Speaking of his service, Dr. Bassingthwaighte states, “The healing power of touch is within all of us – we just have to know how to unlock it.”

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Whole Energy Body Balance
Whole Energy Body Balance

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