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O’Connor Family Law has announced its improved packages for high-conflict divorce cases to include simplified services for child custody and visitation, and the fair distribution of marital properties and debt. Known for its compassionate approach to the law, the firm helps couples peacefully dissolve their marriage.

More details can be found at https://www.familylawma.com/practice-areas/divorce

The updated divorce legal services resolve all issues that may arise after the dissolution of a marriage. This includes determining alimony and the rights of each parent in terms of custody and support. The family law firm explains that these issues can become complicated, especially when allegations of violence or abuse are made.

In Massachusetts, a divorce can fall under different types that affect how the court will proceed with the case. Couples must choose the type that best suits their situation. Typically, most couples fall under the “1B” divorce in which both parties agree that the marriage has ended but disagree on other issues about custody, support, and marital property.

This is when a divorce case can become high-conflict. Unless both parties agree to the divorce and the terms surrounding it, the process can take years and cost a lot of money. Moreover, numerous studies show that high-conflict divorces often leave couples financially and emotionally drained, with one or both parties experiencing severe depression. The best way to combat a high-conflict divorce is by seeking professional help both in and out of the courtroom. A team of an understanding lawyer with the assistance of a therapist who can help the client deal with the emotional toll of undergoing a high conflict situation is extremely important.

O’Connor Family Law has helped thousands of couples amicably dissolve their marriages with more than 35 years of combined experience. This divorce and family law firm has built a reputation for offering practical and compassionate counsel, often guiding couples towards a healthy compromise for their respective demands, but being able to meet the litigation needs of clients who find themselves in situations where settlement is not a viable option.

To comply with the latest health guidelines to practice social distancing, clients are requested to call the firm directly or to request to book a case evaluation through the request form found on their website. The family law firm offers dedicated and highly experienced divorce representation in the state.

Clients are reminded that while divorce itself is difficult, its legal processes do not have to be. The family law group gives the necessary support clients need during this emotional time.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.familylawma.com

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