Lead Engagement/Conversion – Quiz Building Gamification Strategy Report Released

The website is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve success in business and health. The latest report focuses on seven reasons to use quizzes and offers the tools to put the suggested strategies into action.

More details can be found at: https://fitpreneurship.com/online-marketing/7-reasons-why-you-should-be-using-quizzes-in-your-marketing-strategy

The recently released report aims to address one of the most pressing problems beginning entrepreneurs face: how to convert cold leads into warm leads and organically grow a client base.

The problem of converting cold leads into warm ones concerns engagement. One major way that quizzes engage cold leads is through gamification. Humans like to gamify for social support, to improve skills, and to become better problem solvers. Entrepreneurs can leverage this tendency by building games into their marketing strategy in the form of quizzes.

According to the report, quizzes have a host of other benefits too, including automating lead generation, gaining insights from customers, and building a brand image.

The report states that randomizing the order of the questions enhances the game-like nature of the quizzes, tempting users to retake the quiz to get different answers. If the quiz is tailor-made to each participant, then their engagement through gamification will be enhanced.

Entrepreneurs can also tailor their quizzes in a way that showcases their brand. This can be done through visual means as well as verbal, such as using pictures that appropriately illustrate the brand.

The report also details how using an autoresponder with quizzes can help generate tags for use in remarketing to the initial audience, thereby creating further engagement.

FitPreneurShip’s mission is to help beginning entrepreneurs achieve business success with the ability to live the lifestyle they have always wanted. To that end, the organization promotes leading a healthy lifestyle alongside entrepreneurial success. It was founded by Kneller Fernandes, an entrepreneur and lifestyle management consultant who has authored two books about health and fitness.

The author of the report states, “Unlike a landing page, a quiz can make things exciting and get people to share them, thus increasing your reach organically.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting: https://fitpreneurship.com/online-marketing/7-reasons-why-you-should-be-using-quizzes-in-your-marketing-strategy


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