Irvine CA Chiropractic Car Accident Injury/Whiplash Pain Relief Treatment Launch

The new treatments are ideally suited to patients in Orange County who have been involved in a road traffic collision in recent weeks and months. They are used to treat some of the most common ailments associated with car accidents and are based on scientific research.

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Patients in Irvine and the surrounding areas can now access specialist treatment for concerns such as whiplash, concussion, and back pain. Treatment begins with a thorough examination of the bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles to determine the nature and extent of the patient’s injuries.

After this step, the doctor will agree on a tailored treatment plan with the patient. He will work to alleviate pain, reduce spasms, and re-establish the patient’s full range of motion. Available treatments include chiropractic adjustment, electrical stimulation, and laser light therapy.

Even minor accidents can cause painful and debilitating damage to drivers and passengers. Studies have found that patients injured in crashes where there was little damage to the vehicles involved often have a longer treatment duration than more serious accidents.

At the clinic, patients are encouraged to get full compensation for their injuries. To help with this, Dr. Marks can file and organize medical records pertaining to their injuries and give testimony to strengthen their claim.

Interested parties can schedule an appointment on the company’s website or by telephoning the clinic. Preliminary evaluations are provided on a complimentary basis.

A spokesperson for Dr. Marks says, “The emphasis of Dr. Marks’ practice is on relieving your pain fast and then teaching you how to manage by yourself at home. He does not force long-term treatment programs on you. Instead, he will always give you different options for care that suit your needs. His chiropractic care is affordable and based on scientifically proven methods.”

About Dr. Barry Marks

Dr. Barry Marks is a car accident injury specialist who has been treating patients since 1986. His special training ensures he can accurately diagnose and treat injuries sustained in road collisions, including whiplash and brain injury.

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Dr Barry Marks Chiropractor

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