Anti-Fog Spray & Gel – Industrial/Medical Safety Glasses Cleaner Launched

Due to popular demand, C-Clear has recently greatly restocked its popular anti-fog sprays and gels for industrial workers and healthcare professionals. The company has helped US servicemen and women and industrial workers perform their jobs for more than four decades, making it the industry leader of anti-fog products in the country.

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The latest collection is in preparation for the holidays, says C-Clear. With Thanksgiving and Christmas only a few months away, the company wants more professionals to be confident in their work with high-quality and lab-tested products that prevent fogging. This is especially useful for healthcare workers who need to operate delicate machines in relation to the current pandemic.

C-Clear is a proudly US, family-owned business. Since it began in 1977, it has made it its mission to meet and exceed customer expectations with an effective anti-fogging product. It now offers an anti-fog gel and anti-fog spray for companies or individuals who need to work quickly and clearly under various weather conditions.

Both products can be used on glass, polycarbonate lenses, and other plastic lenses that have been treated with anti-glare or other types of tinting. It is not harmful to the eyes or skin but should be sprayed directly on the surface and allowed to dry for a few seconds.

C-Clear has been tested and rated to be effective on worker’s safety glasses by the New Jersey American Water. The company ships nationwide.

To celebrate its restocked collection, the company is announcing bundle packages that can be bought at a discounted price. One such bundle is its buy-2-get-1-free of its 1 oz spray bottles of C-Clear anti-fog. The spray can be used to stop fogging in eyeglasses, goggles, and face shields.

A satisfied customer wrote, “We are an industrial contractor with a 100% safety glass policy at all of our sites, so fogging is a common issue for us. We are using your product at one of our job sites in TN and it is getting good reviews from our craft workers.”

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