La Crescenta CA Outpatient Substance Abuse Therapy/Family Healing Program Launch

True to its name, Aim4Recovery motivates clients seek healing through holistic therapy. It recently strengthened its outpatient substance recovery services to guide patients to end their drug or alcohol abuse.

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The announcement solidifies the commitment of the detox center to offer customized therapy for each patient. It recognizes that some clients have work or life commitments that prevent them from entering into inpatient treatment, but still want to recover from their addiction.

Aim4Recovery’s outpatient treatment center works with the schedule of each client so that they can get the help they need. Group therapy classes are available three times a week, in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Each session is around 180 minutes long, with adult and adolescent programs meeting on opposite days.

These group therapy sessions are integral to the outpatient programs, as they allow patients to openly discuss their condition with fellow victims of addiction. With the guidance of a trained psychologist and life coach, the sessions cover a variety of topics, including how to handle post-acute withdrawal syndrome, how to prevent a relapse, and understanding what addiction is, among others.

The detox center offers a safe environment where patients can freely talk about their addiction without judgment. Aim4Recovery says that the first step to recovery is often admitting one has a problem, which may take several sessions to achieve.

Unlike other addiction treatment centers, Aim4Recovery works hand-in-hand with the spouse or family members of the patient to help them succeed in their recovery program. For outpatient therapy, the center assesses the home environment and whether it is conducive to healing.

If the center feels that it is not a sober environment, it helps patients speak with other members of the household to determine what can be done. The recovery center may provide appropriate referrals as well.

Families are encouraged to call the center for a free consultation. If necessary, the center also offers an intensive outpatient program that features several healing treatments.

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or call at (626-602-6735).

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