USA Private Aviation Insurance – Liability/Risk Coverage For Charter Jets Update

BWI Aviation Insurance has launched financial safeguarding solutions for private aircraft owners, operators, aeronautical enthusiasts, and trainee pilots. The updated range of insurance products covers everything from experimental planes, helicopters, industrial aircraft, charter jets, and seaplanes.

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The company’s latest announcement details a comprehensive and versatile selection of policies, offering policyholders protection against the risks of liability for mechanical, medical, and legal costs relating to aircraft ownership.

The aviation sector has suffered greatly as a result of the global health crisis. With thousands of aircraft grounded owing to domestic and international travel bans, a return to operational normality requires a sure and steady approach married to comprehensive financial protection against new and emerging risks and liabilities.

All BWI Aviation Insurance policies are underwritten by leading providers. The BWI team are specialists in the field of aeronautical liability, ensuring their clients are protected in the event of damage to property or persons as a result of accidents, technical failures, and delays.

The policies also include hull coverage, protecting owners against potentially large bills for remediation of physical damage to the aircraft’s body during, or in the lead-up to, private or commercial flights.

Customers are assigned a dedicated agent to guide them through every step of the process. Support and advice are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The firm’s private jet insurance products come with liability cover as standard, starting at $1 million per incident and with a typical limit of $100,000 per passenger. All policies can be tailored to the specific needs of individual clients with customized additions, exclusions, and special requests accommodated as required.

BWI Aviation Insurance provides coverage solutions for aircraft rental companies, flight instructors, hangar management firms, charter businesses, and travel logistics agencies.

About BWI Aviation Insurance

BWI is a family-owned and operated business, specializing in supporting the needs of the aviation community since its inception in 1977.

A spokesperson says, “We have been focusing on developing new and exclusive insurance programs as well as upgrading our computer systems and online portfolio. We provide our customers with ever more competitive rates and the best service you can find.”

With its latest product updates for private aircraft owners and operators, BWI continues to set the standard for comprehensive coverage and customer care in the aviation industry.

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