Geektastic Promotes an Alternative Platform for Improving Technical Screening

LONDON, UK – 27/9/21 – Geektastic pointed out that tech recruitment has evolved, and most programmers may now acquire a tech-based programming position without a university degree, as long as the developer can demonstrate their abilities.

This is where automated technical screening services such as Codility, HackerRank, and Geektastic may help. They can provide recruiters with online tests to screen hundreds of engineers, or conduct the remote tech interviews themselves.

Geektastic’s new platform can assist recruiters in a variety of ways. The team understands that no one wants to complete 10 code tasks while looking for a job; having to go through numerous rounds of interviews is stressful enough.

Candidates want feedback. They don’t want to spend hours on a coding task just to be told they failed without explanation. Prospects should be told why they did not pass to help them improve; the previous method of failing individuals without explanation can diminish a person’s desire to learn.

This is why Geektastic feels feedback is critical to its testing process. The team also gives candidates the opportunity to clarify their decisions and thought processes, which results in a more productive testing experience.

Geektastic’s staff also provides professional evaluations. They comb through the code line by line to produce a thorough report that includes both positive and negative feedback. In some cases, the Geektastic team will eliminate alternatives to enhance the code in order to make it as much of a learning experience as possible.

Below are a few mentions of the Geektastic platform from around the web

“A tool that every recruiter loves, every wanna-be programmer fears and every person who writes software, in a commercial environment, laughs at (if they don’t, they should!). And all this hatred comes from a very simple reason Codility doesn’t test programmers; it tests ability to google and use notepad. And I am not just blindly ranting, so bare with me, while I explain the top issues I have with Codility.”

“I much more prefer tests where they give me small task or project that I have to complete. Specifically if they give me a set of requirements and what they expect for a solution and just let me go. I’ll turn out something, maybe they’ll like maybe not, but it’s a better test of my abilities as not just a coder, but as a developer in general.”

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