Disability Admin Employment – Job Interview Legal Disclosure Report Released

With the latest release, readers now have access to an insightful, clearly written report explaining the complications and legal factors related to finding work in the administration sector for those with a disability.

More details can be found at: https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/4-tips-to-land-a-great-admin-job-for-a-disabled-person

The new report is written in a supportive, affirmative tone whilst also drawing attention to certain difficulties that may be faced during the application process, such as the choice of whether or not to disclose one’s disability to an employer.

Despite both positive legal changes and shifting societal perceptions in modern times, disabled workers are still sometimes faced with challenges and stigmas when applying to the workforce. Those without relevant knowledge of the legal obligations of both the employer and the candidate may find themselves further intimidated by job applications.

The report highlights the options that disabled workers have regarding disclosure of their disabilities, and the requirement for employers who have been informed of them to provide reasonable accommodations. It also offers readers links to job databases where relevant administration positions are listed.

The release comes as an expansion of the informative guides and resources offered for the disabled on the blog of the disABLEDperson, Inc. website. Other topics include accessible housing, technological resources, support animals, resume building and more.

disABLEDperson, Inc. is a charitable organization concerned with disability employment, founded in 2002. It works alongside proactive employers to post new jobs daily, with both of its job boards featuring nearly 250,000 active jobs. It also works with state services to provide free job skill training for disabled veterans, and awards scholarships to college students with disabilities.

As well as elucidating the relevant law around disclosure of disabilities and providing practical resources, the report also gives advice for the interview process: “Rather than focusing on your disability and hoping that a potential employer will work with you, it can be a good idea to flip the script and explain that you would be a great asset and that your disability won’t prevent you from doing your job well.”

All interested parties can find further information at: https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/4-tips-to-land-a-great-admin-job-for-a-disabled-person

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