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An article covering the subject of ‘Home Remodeling’ entitled ‘6 Home Addition Ideas to Increase Property Value’ has now been released and published by Managed Renovations, an authority website in the Home Remodeling niche.

The article brings to light fascinating information, especially for homeowners who want to increase their property’s value. Homeowners and anybody else who’s interested in Home Remodeling can read the entire article at

If a homeowner doesn’t like the proposed market value for their home, there are ways to make it more desirable, therefore, more valuable. However, the Managed Renovations article points out that homeowners need to carefully consider their options. If too much money is spent on improvement, owners may not get back what they invested.

This is perhaps best expressed in the following extract:

‘When it comes to home additions, there is one thing people need to think about before they put down any money. They need to figure out if the improvement will increase the value of the home to themselves or others. If a homeowner ever decides to sell the house, they want to get the most profit possible from all the work put into the renovation.’

The article discusses six home additions that the team at Managed Renovations believes will offer the best possible return on investment. One example is to convert an existing basement into a living or storage space. It isn’t too difficult and can add up to 30 percent more value to a home.

Another great home remodeling area is the kitchen. According to owner, Michael Shannon, for property value increase, a kitchen remodel is probably the biggest one of them all. When an average buyer wants to see if a home is worth the asking price, they look at the kitchen. If it’s in great condition, buyers tend to believe that everything else is, also.

Managed Renovations now welcomes comments and questions from readers, in relation to the article. Owner Michael Shannon has made a point of saying regular interaction with the readers is important because it provides useful information, tips and ideas for homeowners.

A satisfied client said: “Managed Renovations just helped us renovate our kitchen. The space looks great and Michael did a great job managing the project and the subcontractors (all of which did a high quality job and were good with communication). I would use them again on future projects!”

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