Joots: A Modern and Comfortable Take on the Traditional Indian Jutti

Indian weddings are a lot of fun, with consecutive nights of delicious food, flashy outfits, pretending to know the choreographed dance, and the overall energy and fanfare of the occasion. Unfortunately the traditional Indian juttis that are often worn to them (and also sported for regular nights out) can put a downer on things because they’re so uncomfortable. They aren’t usually designed for either the left or the right foot, and are made with tough vegetable tanned leather that can quickly irritate the wearer’s feet. The idea is that the leather will eventually give way to the shape of the feet, but unless you wear them every day, it’s going to be a while before that actually happens. They also lack cushioning, have no arch support and the seams often rub against your feet, leading to irritation. They tend to have a slippery sole with no traction and are usually too narrow, making them a pain to wear and detracting from the pleasure of the event that they’re being worn to.

Luckily Joots, a contemporary take on the jutti, is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. They looks sleek and stylish while also providing perfect comfort. Joots are made of Italian leather and other high-quality materials and have EVA midsoles and removable inserts that help create a cushion that will support you standing at the bar or jumping on the dancefloor. Recycled leather and sustainably-sourced materials reduce the waste, and quality construction ensures that they will last for years to come. They combine the classic elegance of the jutti with a modern look while at the same time upholding the principles of sustainability.

Joots also have another advantage over the traditional jutti: durability. Juttis are often mass manufactured nowadays and made of poor-quality material that can fall apart after a relatively short period of time. Joots, on the other hand, are built to last, meaning that they constitute better value for money in the long run while also reducing the waste of cookie cutter fast fashion producers. They constitute a major improvement on the jutti as you know it while still retaining the much-loved characteristics of the shoe that you’re familiar with. Gone are the days of nursing your feet after an Indian wedding or similar event; Joots provide a modern alternative that places your comfort at the forefront without compromising on aesthetic appeal.You can check out the Kickstarter here: