Digital Planet Help Small Businesses Marketing Strategies Amidst Pandemic

Most of the marketing decisions being made by businesses today are done online. While historically advertising was handled with billboards and magazine ads, more small businesses are turning to develop an online presence, even when it wasn’t necessarily their style preference. While many marketing agencies exist, some have really made great strides to accommodate the needs of those who have never used professional marketing strategies.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still a reality for many businesses across the country. In 2020, many of these businesses were faced with a choice – close or adapt. For those businesses that were able to stay open (or reopen), the current situation worldwide requires changes to be made. Many of the affected businesses were restaurants and healthcare establishments, which have turned to the marketing agency Digital Planet for all of their business marketing needs.

For over 15 years, Digital Planet has been a game-changer for many businesses, especially during the “2020: Year of COVID.” They continue to be on the frontline, offering businesses and clients help with adjusting and adapting to the restrictions, closures, and economic components that everyone is being faced with. During this time, many of the businesses that Digital Planet has guided have benefited from the customized and strategic plans that allow them to build their brand and voice within their communities.

In 2021, Digital Planet expanded operations and relocated its headquarters to Northern Texas. The company specializes in digital display advertising, effective websites, and custom graphics. eCommerce sites of retail products are also a challenge for brands in the current economic climate, especially while entering the fourth quarter and a heavy holiday season. There is massive pressure for businesses to do well in this quarter, considering the past few years. As so many businesses approach the idea of a new year, 2022, Digital Planet knows that clients must plan ahead should another pandemic (or increase in the current one) pop up. The ways for small businesses to get ahead of and protect the future come down to a few items, but primarily expanding online.

Digital Planet offers clients services that can help them excel online. When the pandemic hit, Digital Planet made the startling discovery that many businesses did not have an online presence. With more customers looking to make purchases without contact, online ordering has skyrocketed. If a business doesn’t have a website, they are limited to what they are able to offer their customers and could ultimately succumb to devastation. Digital Planet is using its exceptional skill to pave the way into 2022.

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