Dan Hollings’ The Plan Now Changing Lives For People In Over 90 Countries

In just a few short months, Dan Hollings’ The Plan has spread to over 90 countries, including countries as far off as the Cayman Islands and Togo.

For something to spread so far and so fast, it must be doing something right.

According to Dan Hollings, he has been getting a lot of heartfelt stories about how The Plan is changing lives and helping people to turn their lives around.

The truth of the matter is that Dan has already made his money, but the main reason why he is teaching it is really to help others.

How it got started, was back in early 2017, when one of Dan’s good friends Tony, reached out to Dan to tell him to get into the crypto space. Dan was reluctant about this, however Tony was persistent, and so Dan finally bought a little bit of Bitcoin. Every day after that, Dan would find the price of Bitcoin going up and up, and so he started to get immersed in it.

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the beginning. Dan did make quite a lot of money but as quick as he made it, he also lost it all. The reason is that he didn’t really have a clear ‘plan’ about what he was doing. Rather he bought into ‘FOMO’ – fear of missing out – but FOMO is not a good plan to survive in the world of crypto.

This was a hard lesson for Dan to learn, but he took it to heart and from then on, instead of giving up, he was determined to crack the code and figure out a safe approach to crypto.

All his life, Dan has been in the business of teaching people how to make money online, and so he wanted to figure out the right approach to the crypto space because he knew it would be a game changer for everyone if he managed to do it.

Dan tried everything under the sun. He studied YouTube gurus, chased moonshots, programmed indicators. But nothing really worked, until one day he stumbled onto something promising, which Dan continued to mold into something better and better.

After 3 years and a few million dollars of testing, Dan Hollings’ The PLAN was born.

Dan wasn’t intending to teach it to the world, though, at least not initially.

He was content to just sit back, and let the system do its thing, producing passive income on autopilot minute by minute.

Dan likes to compare this with what he used to own in an earlier life – bubble gum vending machines. People would be putting in quarters to get a piece of bubble gum, and every time this happened, Dan would get a piece of profit. The Plan was similar but without the hard work to clean the machine, replace the bubble gums etc.

So Dan was all set, and all he had to do was let the system do its work, and he would just be collecting the profits minute by minute.

But then another of Dan’s friends Elaine called him, wanting to get into crypto herself.

Dan tried to warn her off, remembering his own bad experience with crypto in the past. He told her that 90% of people who got into crypto lost money. But Elaine was insistent to go ahead, and so Dan offered to show her The Plan in action, and she started doing it, and it worked for her as well as it did for Dan.

Elaine told their mutual friend Daniel Hall, who then got on a call with Dan to learn about The Plan. It worked very well for Daniel too.

Word of The Plan started to spread. One by one, members of Dan’s inner circle started getting on it. They all started encouraging Dan to start sharing it outside of their circle as they all felt it was too good not to share.

And so, people like Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos from Rapid Crush Inc got on board too, and before long, they were helping to spread the word even more.

Today, just a few short months later, people from over 90 countries are on The Plan, doing the exact same system as Dan, making profits minute by minute.

The timing couldn’t be better.

One thing Dan likes to point out is that Bitcoin is actually more scarce than gold, and it is officially becoming an accepted currency in some countries like El Salvador. Amazingly, Bitcoin has created 60,000 millionaires today including Dan.

Bitcoin has also been the best performing asset of the past decade. With its amazing track record, it has beaten everything else including gold, stocks and commodities by 1000% for the past 10 years.

All of this is to get people to understand that this is not a fad, but is the future, which provides a solid foundation for everything that Dan teaches in The Plan.

So how exactly does The Plan work to generate profit minute by minute? The key is what is known commonly as crypto bots that trade minute by minute, buying low and selling high and generating tiny profits along the way, but these profits add up quickly because some bots can potentially do thousands of transactions per day.

Marcus Lim, an early adopter of The Plan, has written a detailed review of The Plan and how it works with real examples.

Marcus is just one of the many thousands of people over the world doing The Plan, learning and spreading the word about this life changing financial opportunity.

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