CAD/GIS Photogrammetric 3D Mapping Software Suite – Key Feature Report Released

The leading photogrammetry hardware and software developer has released the new report and showcased the capabilities of the Summit Evolution software suite. It also explains the value of photogrammetry in the oil, timber, construction, and transportation industries.

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The new report intends to inform buyers of the advantages of choosing the right software for photogrammetry. Photogrammetry is the science of generating measurements, drawings, and 3D models based on photographs.

DAT/EM Systems International describes a good photogrammetry system as one that supports monochromatic, panchromatic, and multispectral imagery. Such a system should also support close-range imagers and the latest small and medium-format metric cameras for mapping. The ability to work with orthophotos – geometrically adjusted or rectified photographs is also highly desirable.

The company has developed software products producing quality 3D images from stereo imagery, point clouds and Unmanned Aircraft (UAS) data. The DAT/EM Photogrammetric Suite now includes Summit UAS, which is a toolkit to analyze UAS data. This is a combination of Summit Evolution, which is a digital workstation, and LandScape, which is a point cloud toolkit.

Summit UAS allows LandScape and Summit Evolution to collaborate and analyze UAS data, leading to additional methods to explore and edit the point cloud and orthomosaic created by UAS processing software.

As leaders in the field of photogrammetry, DAT/EM Systems International has been developing the innovative technology required to create 3D imagery since 1987, and now retains over 500 clients by building and maintaining quality systems, anticipating industry trends and innovations and consistently offering outstanding value, technology and service.

The company is committed to developing innovative digital mapping applications, and welcome suggestions from end-users as part of the ongoing development process. They also provide software tools to universities, ensuring students develop current and employable skills.

DAT/EM was established in 1987 by Jeffrey Yates and is based in Anchorage, Alaska. It has become a leading pioneer in its field of digital mapping development and has served photogrammetric companies around the world, as well as numerous government agencies. General Manager, Mr Jeffery Yates began his career as a land surveyor and worked with the United States Geological Survey on a national digitizing project.

A satisfied customer has said: “Just to let you know how pleased I am with your DATEM system. The user interface is well thought through and well-implemented especially in comparison to the other vendor products I have used or trained on.”

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